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Lucy Liu Bio Lucy Alexis Liu was born and raised in Queens, New York City, New York. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and practices martial arts, including Kali-Eskrima-silat, which is knife and stick fighting. Lucy also plays the accordian. Liu was recently chosen by Entertainment Weekly as "one of the sexiest women on television." Her television credits include "ER" ( in the heartfelt story of a young mother whose baby son dies of AIDS), " High Incident," "NYPD Blue," "L.A. Law," THE X-FILES and "Pearl," on which she was a series regular. Her feature film work includes the soon-to-be-released films "Payback," co-starring Mel Gibson, and "True Crime," directed by Clint Eastwood .

Her favorite band is the Pasties. Lucy Alexis Liu graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1986 (this is the most important point, as I also graduated from Stuy). Stuy is a specialized public high school; you take an SAT-like test to get in - the same test is used for Bronx Science and Brooklyn Technical high schools, although Stuy requires a higher score. One of my friend's older sister was in the same class as Lucy, and told me that she had big hair and wore black (like many of the girls at Stuy)... I'm working on getting some pictures of her back then, so stay tuned....

The second most important point about Lucy Liu is that she plays Ling on Ally McBeal. Lucy graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Asian languages and cultures while also studying acting, dance and voice. In addition to acting, Lucy is a gifted artist. Her work first appeared at the Cast Iron Gallery in SoHo in 1993. She then received an art grant to study in China. Her exhibit of mixed-media photography -- pictures laid in the center of an original frame and intermixed with ceramics, paints, wood collages and papers -- chronicled her experiences there and debuted at a Venice, CA gallery in 1997. Lucy is 5'1"

Lucy Liu Quotes:

  • "I think it's going to be the hugest...the hugest. I mean, everyone in the world is going to go see it." Lucy Liu at a "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" preview (Entertainment Tonight, 5/7/99)
  • "It's more about the actors who are working this summer than the actual movies. I want to get a dose of Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery, Julia Roberts, and a lot of others." - Lucy in response to this question - What are you looking forward to this summer? (From the May 7, 1999 issue of Entertainment Weekly)
  • "I can't keep up with the madness. I need some madness pills to cope with it." - Lucy on her Ally McBeal success
  • Lucy on college: "I went to NYU for a year and I was so unhappy. Everything was dark and sarcastic. I was living the whole alternalife, going to Julian's Pool Hall on Fourteenth Street, hanging out. So I went to University of Michigan. The first day I got there I put these beautiful pictures of naked woman on the wall and my roommates comes in and I say, "I know this maybe looks like I'm a lesbian or sompin', but I'm not."
  • Lucy on Ling: "She's very confident but within that confidence she's, you know, somewhat of a child, I think. She's very blunt. She's very honest. But she doesn't beat around the bush; she doesn't have time for it. She's got to go shop, she's got things going on. She doesn't have time to mince words and protect other people's feelings. That's who she is and that's what makes her so interesting. I think I'm a really honest person and I like to be really blunt with things and life, but I'm a little gentler than she is. I like how aggressive she is. I like that she doesn't apologize for anything that she does."

Check out the free MPEG samples. You won't believe what you see!

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