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Shannon Main


At age two I started taking ballet, tap and jazz. I loved to sing and dance and show off in any way possible (and obviously still do!). Somehow, I found time to slip in a year of baton too! Around my third grade year we all moved to Waco, Texas, where a ton of my relatives already lived. My parents figured it would be safer to raise me in a small town versus the big city (little did they know that Waco was wacko!). Looking back, Waco was really boring, but I'm sure I did have more freedom living there. Everyone seemed to make the best of what the city had to offer.

I auditioned for and was accepted into the Waco City Choir. Then I discovered a new love and talent – TENNIS! I became number one on my high school tennis team and competed in state tournaments regularly. At one point I wanted to go pro and make tennis my life. Unfortunately, our high school tennis coach was not a good role model and one by one everyone quit the team. It was hard to keep up with my game after that and my attention turned to my other various extra curricular activities: Cheerleading, Dance Team, Student Council Treasurer, Class Treasurer and National Honor Society Historian. I remember loving to do two things in particular when I was growing up: making my mom laugh so hard that she couldn't breathe and arguing until I proved I was right (remember, I was an only child). So, with that in mind, my options seemed to be entertainer or lawyer. Well, during my senior year I had the opportunity to be in a video for a local band. The producer of the project thought that I should be in New York modeling and proceeded to pitch the idea to my parents. That Christmas my family and I ended up going to New York to have some pictures taken and meet with some agencies. I was soooo nervous! By the end of our trip I had an agent who was waiting for me to graduate and move to the Big Apple.

Being alone in New York City for the first time was fascinating and a bit terrifying. I was definitely homesick, but it got better quickly seeing as I was living in NYU dorms for the summer. I made friends with most of the building and some of the other young models with my agency. That was the beginning of me working with various magazines and doing a bit of traveling. Amongst my travels I hit such places as Japan, Paris, Milan, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. How lucky was I to get paid to travel and see the world at the same time?! Finally, I made it back to the good ol' USA. There really is no place like home! After spending an awesome season in South Beach, Miami I made my way out to LA. I loved South Beach, but it was time to move on. I actually was just planning on visiting a friend for a couple of weeks, thinking that I wouldn't be able to compete in LA quite yet. I had always planned to end up in LA and start my acting career, but I thought it would eat me alive at that point. During my visit, I decided to go ahead and get a modeling agent and have some pictures done, as long as I was there. I started out with the Ford Modeling Agency and have since moved to Elite Model Management. Within a couple of weeks of arriving in LA I ended up booking a Taco Bell commercial. Maybe it wasn't as scary as I pictured it after all! In no time I had relocated to LA and joined an acting class.

I guess that was the beginning of the rest of my life! Before I knew it I had met my soul mate and started booking acting jobs. I have been fortunate enough to have great people helping me with my career all along the way. If you want to see what work I have done since getting to Los Angeles, just go look at my resume …all the cool stuff I have done in TV and film is there for you to see! I am so excited about what is around the corner. Hopefully my resume will be the page I get to update the most often!

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